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Rainy Day Dismissal

We have updated our Rainy Day Dismissal procedures for the 2021-2022 school year. The Rainy Day Dismissal procedures are used in the event of active rain showers, the prospect of rain starting during dismissal, or special events. Please take the time to read through and become familiar with the procedures and times.


Rainy Day Procedures:

The school will notify via text of rainy day dismissal with a much notice as possible.
  • All vehicles will park in an available parking spot. There will not be a formal car-line exit procedure.
  • Do not park in the preschool area unless you are picking up a preschooler.
  • Parents may enter the building through the double doors near the courtyard/lunch area. Please do not enter through the front doors of the school.
  • Face masks are required regardless of vaccination status upon entering the building.
  • Students are to be picked up from their homeroom.
  • Preschool pick up procedures remain the same
  • For grades TYKE - 4th:
    • M-Th: Doors open at 2:50PM
    • Fridays: Doors open at 1:50PM
  • For grades 5th - 8th: Parents may not enter the building/stand outside the classroom earlier than:
    • M-Th 3:15PM
    • Fridays 2:15PM
  • Please note: Student's class does not technically end until 3:10 and 2:10, respectively. The hallways get very crowded as the students will still need to get to their lockers and homeroom.
  • For those who have a students in more than one dismissal group, please wait to arrive until the later time. This will help clear out the building as well as open up parking spots.
If your child must be picked up earlier than the posted times noted above, you must sign them out from the front office no later than 2:30PM (M-Th) or 1:30PM (Fridays)