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Student Drop-Off & Pick Up

To ensure the health and safety of our students, staff, and families at the beginning and end of the school day, we have created the following procedures. We appreciate your cooperation to implement these procedures to the fullest extent possible. These procedures may be modified as necessary.



Staggered drop-off

7:00am – 7:30am: Extended Care (must park, walk in and sign in)

7:35am – 7:50am: 5th – 8th (vehicle drop off - see map for instructions)

7:50am – 8:05am:  TYKE – 4th (vehicle drop-off – see map for instructions)

7:50am – 8:20am:  Preschool (must park, walk in, and sign in)


  • Enter parking lot using both lanes. Proceed forward. Use the left lane if you need to park in front of school or in the area reserved for preschool parking. Turn left into these areas as needed.
  • Two lanes entering the parking lot merge and turn left after the flowered walkway. A traffic supervisor will direct you to turn right into the drop-off waiting cue (Area in red on map). No one should leave the vehicle while in the waiting cue.
  • When directed by a traffic supervisor, cars will proceed forward, one row at a time, make a U-turn around the ball wall and continue to the student unloading zone (Area in grey on map). All students exit their vehicle from the passenger side. Students must be ready to disembark with their belongings. Do not place belongings in the trunk or rear cargo area. Parents do not exit the vehicle. Students will go to their designated area for temperature check and continue to their classrooms.
  • When directed by the traffic supervisor, parents exit the parking lot, forming two lanes, one to turn left and one to turn right onto Calle la Primavera. Watch for pedestrians of all ages.
  • Preschool parking (Area in pink on map). Preschool parents park and walk their students to class. Follow the directions of the traffic supervisor when it is safe to use the crosswalk.
  • Optional parking for TYKE and Kinder parents who walk their students to the designated area for temperature check before entering class (Area in green on map). Follow the directions of the traffic supervisor when it is safe to use the crosswalk. Students are not allowed to leave a vehicle without being accompanied by a parent.
Staggered pick-up

11:30am, 12:30pm, and 3:00pm Preschool

2:55pm:  TYKE – 4th

3:10pm:  5th – 8th

  • Enter parking lot using both lanes. Proceed forward. Use the left lane if you need to park in
  • Parents/guardians must wear a mask when outside their car in the pick-up area.
  • Parents will enter the parking cue facing the covered walkway (opposite of morning drop-off)
  • We will utilize the green, yellow, red flag system to move students to their cars and to move cars in and out of the pick-up parking cue
    • Red flag: Parents remain in or at their car before picking up child from the safety zone. Wait for green flag to come to the safety zone.
    • Green flag: Parents pick up students from the safety zone (we will establish an area between the students and the tree islands). Parents do not enter the area where students are sitting. Teachers remain with their class and help connect students with their parents. Since teachers are getting to know their students and it’s sometimes difficult to hear clearly through a mask, please bring the placard you created with your student’s name(s) and grade level when you pick up your student(s) from the safety zone. Parents and students return to their cars.
    • Yellow flagReturn to your car and prepare to leave. When all students and parents are inside their vehicles, the entire group will leave, one row at a time. Follow staff directions.
  • As a group is leaving, the next group enters the pick-up parking cue and waits for the green flag to exit their vehicle and pick up their children from the safety zone.
  • Students are brought to their designated areas at two times: TYKE – 4th at 2:55 pm and 5th – 8th at 3:10 pm. If you arrive to pick up a TYKE – 4th grade student at 2:55 pm, you may not wait in the parking cue to pick up a 5th – 8th student. If you are picking up a TYKE – 4th and a 5th – 8th grade student, you must exit the parking cue after picking up the student(s) in the first group and return with the next group OR you can wait to pick up students in both groups when the second group comes to the pick-up area at 3:10 pm. In the past, pick-up takes three groups. The first arriving by 2:50 pm, the second arriving at 3:00 pm and the third at 3:10 pm. Staggering the pick-up times is intended to spread the number of cars entering the parking lot at any one time. The goal is to prevent cars from backing up on Calle la Primavera.
  • When parking in the pick-up cue, leave enough space between cars to allow people to move between cars as they return to their vehicles.
  • Walk up pick-up must wait until green flag to pick up students from the safety zone.
  • Except for students who have a signed Walk Home form on file in the office, all students must be picked up from the safety zone. No students may walk to their car without adult supervision.
  • The revisions do not change preschool pick up procedures.
  • There is no supervision in the parking lot in front of school. Please drive carefully and courteously.


To ensure the safety of our students, staff, and parents, at the beginning and end of the school day, it is very important for everyone to be 100% focused on pedestrian and car traffic. These plans have been prepared to safely and efficiently move our students onto and off our school campus at the beginning and end of the school day. Your cooperation is essential.

  • Parents are required to wear face masks if dropping off and picking up students in the office or from preschool. Parents are strongly encouraged to wear face masks at all other times when on campus.
  • Parents with students in multiple grades may drop their children together, to allow for the students to arrive to class on time (drop in time for the earliest child to get to class on time).
  • Cell phones should not be used while driving in the parking lot.
  • Pets are not allowed on campus and are to remain in the car.
  • There are children, your children, watching everything you do. Be courteous.
  • Follow the direction of the traffic supervisors.
  • Unless you are dropping off or picking up a preschool student, do not park in the area reserved for preschool parents.
  • Be patient. Safety and efficiency are the top priorities, not speed.
  • Parking spaces purchased at MME are honored at all times. Please do not park in these clearly identified reserved parking spaces.
  • Students with approved walking waiver may walk home from school.
  • Students are not allowed to leave school and be picked up along the neighboring streets.
  • Please be courteous to our neighbors. Do not park in the neighborhood, be courteous, drive slowly and obey all laws and signs.
  • Make sure that anyone who is authorized to pick up your children is familiar with these procedures.
  • Students not picked up by 3:25pm will be sent to EDay.