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Student Drop Off & Pick Up Procedures » Student Drop-Off & Pick Up

Student Drop-Off & Pick Up

Student safety is the utmost priority for our instructional team and community, so we thank you in advance for taking time to review our arrival and dismissal procedures and for paying close attention to the directions that are shared with you by our traffic personnel.  Please take care while driving on campus - it is much better to be late than to harm a child with unsafe driving.



Our AM procedures include two lanes of carline (no merging) with student drop-off happening on both sides of the designated drop-off zone.  Map attached below. Please note the following: 


Cars in the Right Lane:  Students entering the carline drop-off zone from the right lane should exit their car from the right side and proceed to the sidewalk.  Students should never cross the traffic to get to the walkway.   


Cars in the Left Lane: Students entering the carline drop-off zone from the left lane should exit their car from the left side and proceed to the student walkway that will be designated by cones.  Then they will take this walkway and proceed to the flowered cross walk.  Students should never cross the traffic to get to the walkway.   


The morning carline extends to the back of the parking lot and both sides of the ball walls and along the curbside area along the field.  This will allow for more cars to come on campus and for more parking on campus which should help to reduce the congestion.  We also want to get all cars off the street to allow for normal street traffic to flow and for exiting from the lot.


Student drop off can start at 7:30am as our lunch courtyard supervisors and cross walk personnel will be ready.  Doors for the Upper School will open at 7:35 AM and Lower School will open at 7:45am.  



Our afternoon procedures vary from the morning.  Our students will be stationed on the curb/black top and will be supervised by our instructional team until they are picked up.  


Upon entering campus, cars will be marshaled into lanes during the period called "red flag".  Once you are in the marshaled lane, please turn your car off. When the lanes are deemed "filled" and cars are off, then the traffic personnel will announce "green flag".  At this time, parents can walk to the curb area to pick up their learners/carpools.   Once the cars are filled the traffic personnel will again announce "red flag" and all of the cars in the marshaled lanes will be directed to exit campus. Please know that learners will not be able to stand up or leave the curb area during "red flag." Thank you for supporting our efforts to keep everyone safe and to get families on their way in an organized fashion.



When you arrive on campus, please, park your vehicle in any of the open parking spaces, proceed to enter the school through the Double Doors (near the lunch tables), retrieve your student/s from their Homeroom, and escort them back to your vehicle. We use this type of dismissal when the weather is too wet or too warm.  We also use this the first few days of school or when there are events that impact our parking lot and the regular dismissal procedures.  We will post a sign to indicate “RAINY DAY PICK-UP”.



Our school must co-exist peacefully with our community and neighbors. When the school building was expanded in the early 1990s, provisions were promised by the school/parish including that we would not allow parking on Old Bridge Road.  Therefore there is no street parking permitted. Drop off from the streets around our campus is not permitted as we cannot ensure the safety of your children until they are delivered to our campus.  


When walking to campus from the neighborhood (because you live there), please be observant of the cross walk and heed the directions of the crossing guard.



Volunteering to help with AM or PM traffic is a great way to fulfill your volunteer commitment. Families can sign up on a trimester basis for .5 credit per trimester or 1.5 for the academic year! Please email our volunteer coordinators at  for more information.



Many families are hoping to find carpools and we encourage this! We will be assisting families with a Carpool Interest list at Welcome Day.  


If you have ideas to share with us, we are happy to listen.  Please feel free to contact our Traffic Supervisor, Mrs. Ashleigh Vachon at  We look forward to working with you in partnership to keep our learners safe! Go Monarchs! 


In order for students to be allowed to walk home they will need to have a Walking Waiver. 


Absolutely no cell phone use in the carpool line or parking lot!



Severe weather days are defined as days when condi­tions define it as unsafe to have students wait outside. For these conditions, please CLICK HERE for procedures.