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Faith Formation

At St. Edward the Confessor Parish School we believe that every stage in a student’s development represents an important experience in its own right, not just a stepping stone to the next level. We believe that while academics are of great importance, there is much more to the well-rounded development of the whole person. We see all our students as potential leaders who, when challenged to become involved, can make a difference in our school community and the larger communities in which we live.
We have developed various programs, policies and practices to help our students grow in maturity and ability.  To promote personal moral character and a sense of community responsibility, we have established clear expectations for student appearance and behavior in our dress code and code of conduct. To nurture spiritual growth, we require active participation in the liturgical and spiritual life of the school and parish. And to help students discover and engage their special gifts and talents outside the classroom, we provide a range of opportunities for involvement in athletics, the arts, community service, and extra-curricular activities.
Most importantly, we want our students to fully experience the joy, security, and self awareness that come from interacting with others in a nurturing Catholic environment. We want them to truly enjoy their time at St. Edward the Confessor Parish School and hope that they may come to love the school as have so many before them.