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Positive Behavior Plan


The Parish School has implemented a new school-wide positive behavior program that includes strategies that define, teach and support appropriate behavior essential to foster a positive school environment. We have moved to this approach as a way to create a continuum of positive behavior support for all learners in various areas of our campus. The school's plan utilizes research-based techniques centered around high expectations, positive reinforcement and reflection and our Catholic values to create the best possible positive behavior program that suites our school's needs. 


This year we will be working with our learners on four main expectations: Responsibility, Organization, Achievement, and Respect for Self, Others and God. We want to recognize and commend learners who are meeting our behavior expectations through the use of ROAR tickets. Those learners who earn ROAR tickets will be able to collect and use tickets for rewards at the new pop-up Monarch Market Place. This will be offered twice a trimester for each grade level to allow learners to redeem ROAR tickets for items, snacks, and privileges!

To see a full list of our ROAR Expectations please CLICK HERE

It is our hope that we can encourage positive behavior and celebrate excellence on a weekly basis.  As such, we will be reporting learner progress in Responsible Behavior and Personal Success Skills on a weekly basis using the ROAR Accountability Card (formerly Merit Card). Homeroom teachers will send home the ROAR Accountability Card each week; learners will return the card with a parent signature. When a learner does not meet classroom and/or school expectations, they will have an opportunity to reflect on their behavior by completing a Reflection Sheet.