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Sacramental Preparation

We have an extensive Sacramental program.  Parents are encouraged to be primary educators by their being invited to all school Masses  and Reconciliation opportunities. 
As their students prepare for first Communion, there are three mandatory parent meetings, there are parent volunteers on the retreat, and they participate with their students as they paint candles prior to first Reconciliation.  Also, parents are involved with their students’ training as altar servers.  We also have a monthly religion newsletter that goes home that encourages parents in their efforts to live the faith with their children.  Throughout the year the Religion Committee plans three or four mornings for parents with a guest speaker giving a spiritual presentation.
Should students need to go through the RCIA adapted for Children program, the needs of individual families are of great importance in determining how and when the sacraments are to be celebrated. Each family will be interviewed and decisions will be made with their considerations in mind. In addition, the importance of the family’s identity within the parish community is significant. Thus, the sacraments are to be celebrated within the context of the usual Sunday liturgy. These dates are determined by the Faith Formation Office and normally happen during the Easter season before Pentecost Sunday.