Athletics Home Page

The Fall athletics practice schedules for the week of September 20 through 24 are below. Monday through Thursday practices go from 3:10 to 4:30. Cross Country goes from 2:10 to 3:30 on Friday.
8th Volleyball (Mrs. Bryan) - Tuesday and Thursday
7th Volleyball (Mr. and Mrs. Caulfield) - Monday
6th Volleyball (Ms. Gabriel) - Monday, Tuesday and Thursday
6th Volleyball (Mrs. Ober) - Monday and Wednesday
5th Volleyball (Ms. Wright) - Monday, Wednesday and Thursday
5th Volleyball (Mrs. Sutton) - Monday, Wednesday and Thursday
8th Football (Mr. Gray) - check with coach
7th Football (Mr. Fabiano) - Monday and Wednesday
6th Football (Mr. Miller) - Tuesday and Thursday
5th Football (Mr. Pedue) - Monday
Cross Country (Mr. Evers) Wednesday and Friday