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Parent Involvement

The Volunteer Program and your children need your time and talents. The purpose of the Volunteer Program is to encourage you to be a part of your children’s education and growth. It is “in addition to” what you do each and everyday. Your child shows a great deal of pride when they see you involved at their school. Having a parent volunteer as a lunch helper, a coach, room parent, along with numerous other opportunities the school offers, gives our kids something to be proud of and shows that you care. Each of you has something to offer, and there is something St. Edward has for you and your talents.  

Parents, the children and the school are not successful if we don’t volunteer. Volunteering provides each family the opportunity to be a part of the community.  My wife and I moved here from Texas with no personal connections and through this school and its volunteering opportunities we have made many great friends.  We love the community at St. Edward and are blessed because of it.

By being a volunteer, parents are a role model of Christian service.  This is something our kids learn from us and hopefully exhibit later in life.  It is a positive light you bring to the kids and the community.

Mother Teresa said:

"I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things."