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Library Media Center Hours
Monday - 9:30 - 2:00
Tuesday 12:10 - 2:00
Wednesday 8:00 - 2:00
Thursday 12:10 - 1:20
Various after school hours
In-Library Reading & Discussion
During library time, picture or chapter books are read to the learners, which promotes listening skills.  This leads to a group discussion about the story and characters and inspires questions, imagination, and love of literature.
4th Grade Classes
The Lost Kingdom
By: Matthew Kirby
On the eve of the French and Indian War, Billy Bartram and his father travel into the American wilderness in an airship, pursued by a party of French soldiers and haunted by a terrifying bear-wolf, on a quest to find the kingdom of Welsh Prince Madoc.
3rd Grade Classes
Curse of the Boggin : The Library 
By: D.J. MacHale
When supernatural phenomenon start following Marcus O'Mara around, he discovers a key that leads to The Library, a place where all the stories of the living and dead are kept that will help him and his friends solve a mystery. Book #1
2nd Grade Classes
Shelter Dog Blues
By: Susan Meddaugh
Martha has lost her collar and ends up at the local animal shelter. She decides to organize a pound break for all her new doggy friends, but she soon discovers freedom isn't much without a family.
McBroom's Wonderful One-Acre Farm
by Sid Fleischman
When Josh McBroom learns that the eighty acres of Iowa farmland he's purchased are all stacked up on top of each other at the bottom of a muddy little pond, he thinks he's been bamboozled. But McBroom knows he's got the better of the bargain when the pond dries up to reveal an acre of soil so rich that seeds spring up into full-grown plants in no time and even nickels grow into quarters.
1st Grade Classes
The Haunted Library
By: Dori Hillstad Butler 
Ghost boy Kaz and real girl Claire, who has a special ability to see ghosts when other humans cannot, join forces to solve the mystery of the ghost that is haunting the library. Book #1
Kinder and Tyke 
Books vary per library visit