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2024-2025 Tuition & Fees

2024-2025 Registration/Enrollment Fee

Fees include, but not limited to, registration, field trips, retreats, room parent and PGO. Due at the time of enrollment packet submission.

Non-Refundable Registration (Preschool – TYKE):  $710/child

Non-refundable Registration (K - 7th Grade):  $765/child

Non-Refundable Registration (8th Grade, includes graduation fee):  $1,015/child



Annual Catholic Tuition Rate                        Annual Non-Catholic Tuition Rate

2 Days/Week – AM Only



2 Days/Week – AM Only


2 Days/Week – Full Day



2 Days/Week – Full Day


3 Days/Week – AM Only



3 Days/Week – AM Only


3 Days/Week – Full Day



3 Days/Week – Full Day


5 Days/Week – AM Only



5 Days/Week – AM Only


5 Days/Week – Full Day*



5 Days/Week – Full Day*



*Students enrolled in a five day, full day program are eligible for the multi-child discount if the sibling is enrolled in TYKE - 8 grade.


 TYKE – 8:

Annual Catholic Tuition* Rate                    Annual Non-Catholic Tuition Rate

TYKE – 5th Grade  $10,445 TYKE – 5th Grade $11,945 
Grades 6th – 8th $11,145  Grades 6th – 8th  $12,645


Multi-Child Discount: $900 discount applied to each family sibling starting with the 2nd child.

Active Duty Military Family Discount: $500 per family


Tuition Payment Plans:

  • 1 Annual Payment due July ($20 FACTS Fee Applies)
  • 2 Payments, semi-annual, July and January ($20 FACTS Fee Applies)
  • 10 Monthly Payments, July – April ($50 FACTS Fee Applies)
  • 11 Monthly Payments, July – May ($50 FACTS Fee Applies)

The FACTS fee will be automatically assessed at the time of registration.


Additional Fees:

  • Yearbook Fees – Optional. May be ordered and paid through our online order form.
  • Field Trip Fees – Overnight, Long (Sacramento) or Multi-Day experiences will be invoiced separately.


Non-Catholic Rate: Students not meeting criteria for Catholic tuition rate will be assessed an additional charge of $1,500/child (TYKE - 8th Grade).


*Catholic Tuition Qualification Criteria:

The family must be an actively practicing Catholic* which includes the following:

      1. A copy of the Catholic baptismal certificate of each child enrolling must be on file at the school (only needs to be submitted once) OR the child is verifiably enrolled in the FISH program
      2. Must be verifiably registered at a local Catholic Church
*Actively Practicing Catholic includes tithing to the Catholic church to which you are registered. As of the 2025-2026 school year, a Parish Verification Form will be required to be submitted as part of the qualification criteria.
Qualifications must be met prior to the first tuition payment of the enrolling school year. Should a child become enrolled in the Faith Formation program, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to notify the school. Changes to tuition status are not retroactive. 

Volunteer Commitment:

All families (TYKE-8 and 5-day preschool) are required to either fulfill 30 Hours in volunteering or choose to buy out. The buy-out option fee is $1,500.



If you only have a preschooler and not a child enrolling in grades TYKE-8, the volunteer requirements are as follows:

2 day a week program  =   10 hours required  or  $500 buy out option

3 day a week program  =   20 hours required  or  $1,000 buy out option

5 day a week program  =   30 hours required  or  $1,500 buy out option