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Lions and Lambs

St. Edward the Confessor Parish School Campus Ministry:

Lions and Lambs

St. Edward the Confessor Parish School is thrilled to share that the 2018-2019 school year will be the first of many with a Campus Ministry program! This is an optional program for fourth through eighth grade learners to help them grow in their relationship with Jesus. Through prayer and service, learners will deepen their understanding of Christ’s teachings. Our Campus Ministry program will equip learners with action-based leadership to live out the gospel in our school, as well as the greater community.


Each month, Campus Ministers will join together for one mandatory lunch meeting to engage in an activity focused on one of the Beatitudes, and one optional after-school event which will delve more deeply into understanding that Beatitude. Please see the Campus Ministry Monthly Beatitudes Schedule for more information.


If your child is in grades 4-8 and is interested in becoming a Campus Minister, please contact the Campus Ministry Director according to your child’s grade level:

Grades 4-5: Ms. Mary Driscoll: [email protected].

Grades 6-8: Mrs. Chelsea Tarin: [email protected].

Event Assistant for all grade levels: Ms. Sorenson [email protected]


We look forward to a great year filled with faith and fellowship while we grow in understanding God’s word through the Beatitudes.