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Students learn about our Catholic faith each day.  Our instructional team uses many resources in our faith formation program including the Bible, religion text books, as well as supplementary reading material on lives of the saints and Sunday Gospel pamphlets to learn about our Catholic faith. Doctrinal information is presented in a variety of ways and students participate through hands-on activities such as journaling, art projects, skits and retreats. Students participate actively in their learning process through faith sharing, discussion, service and prayer.
Our prayer experiences are many and varied and the students continually show their knowledge of their faith and consistently participate in the journey of faith in the parish community and on our campus.  The second grade and middle school retreats are also vital, successful parts of our overall program.  Our many and varied strategies demonstrate that our students are successful in the learning of our Catholic faith.
Each grade level participates in a spiritual retreat  and hosts a month of focused stewardship annually.