Battle of the Books

Battle of the Books is a literacy program that encourages learners to enjoy reading, book discussions and analyses.  4th and 5th graders are invited to participate in our club and try out for our competitive teams. Our season ends in a virtual competition against other 4th and 5th graders from many local schools and hosted by St. Margaret’s Episcopal School.  The questions for the tournament are details from one of the 20-book reading list.  The answers consist of both the correct title and the correct author. 


Key Information:

  • The Virtual Battle of the Books Tournament will be held April 15, 2021.
  • Two teams of 6 are guaranteed to compete. Students are chosen based on participation in live or Zoom meetings, quality and scores of weekly quizzes and activities, effort, team work, and dedication.


  • Fee is $25 (due Oct. 12 to the office). This includes the following:
    • a t-shirt (to be worn with JEANS or uniform bottoms on Wednesdays)
    • weekly Wednesday meetings on Zoom
    • an awards lunch
    • a surprise or two along the way


  • The reading schedule is tight. Students are expected to come each week with the assigned book (or two) finished.
  • Students (and parents) are encouraged to read or listen to all 20 books.
  • Maximum of 36 students will be accepted. This is first-come, first-served.
  • You may find the books through the public library system or at any bookstore. When our school library loans books again, Mrs. Tritz has several copies of each.
  • Students will have weekly tests or assignments. Some activities will be mandatory, whereas others will be optional.
  • Meetings
    • Zoom from 4:00-4:30/5 starting 10/14/20 (but hopefully we can soon meet live)
    • The books listed MUST BE FINISHED on the date listed. (Please see attached schedule and discard the one sent out a couple weeks ago.)

We can’t wait to see you at our first meeting! 

If you have questions, please email Mrs. Wadman at




The True Meaning of BOB Competition Team

(B. Crafts, K. Cutchins, L. Agathakis, M. Rottach, N. Viscount, P. Gray,

Coach G. Harrison) 


BOB Team

2019-2020 Battle of the Books Program (BOB)

 Battle of the Books (BOB) is a literacy program that encourages our learners to enjoy reading, book discussions and analyses.  All 4th and 5th grade learners are invited to participate in our club and try out for our competitive teams.


BOB Club Membership

All learners who love to read or want to become  strong readers should join BOB! Book Clubs are held every Tuesday morning in the Library at 7 AM. We discuss the book of the week, eat donuts, and have fun! Learners can read the books on their own, listen to the audio version, or have their parent or sibling read aloud.


The 20 books selected for the year are listed in order of the book club discussion dates. It is highly encouraged to read 3-4 books over the summer and then read along through the year. Learners are not required to read all 20 books or attend every book club, but those interested in being a member of the tournament team should try to complete the book list and requirements. We encourage our participants to buy the books and bring them to Book Club. Limited copies of books are also available in our library and local public libraries.


BOB Members should try to:

  •       Read each book prior to the discussion date on the calendar.
  •       Weekly quizzes
  •       Check it off your list in the library (when you finish)!
  •       Attend book clubs.


Points are given to all participants based on these requirements:



Point Value

Completion of Weekly Quizzes


up to 10 points

Prompt Book Club Attendance


Up to 10 points

Final test given in March



Late Quizzes


 up to 5 points




Tuesdays are BOB Days at the Parish School!

Once you officially join BOB in September, you will be given a T-shirt and can wear it with jeans every Tuesday.


Battle of the Books Tournament and Competitive Teams

The Parish School competes against 9 local schools at the annual tournament held at St. Margaret’s Episcopal School in March 17th, 2020. Each school may bring two teams of six participants composed of 4th and 5th graders. All questions asked are from a selected list of twenty books.  The questions begin with “In which book…. and the answer is always the title and the author of the book. The winning team earns a trophy for their school.

(St. Edward won 1st place in 2017, 2018 and 2019!)  


The final two teams are selected in March after all 20 books have been read. They are determined through participation, quality and scores on weekly quizzes, effort, team work and dedication. All BOB Club members can participate as coaches and “study buddies” as well as attend the tournament together as a team! If one of our teams from St. Edward's wins…..we all win!


Cost - $75 for the year

All interested learners can attend the first few book clubs to see if BOB works for them! If you decide to join the club, we will ask for your commitment and payment by 9/9. The meetings are for participants only, no siblings please. The program fee includes a T-shirt, an awards lunch, and special Tuesday morning treats and donuts. If your team doesn’t go to the final tournament, you still get to attend and come to the event all day in March. Members wear T-shirts and jeans every Tuesday! Please CLICK HERE for the 2019-2020 BOB Payment & Sign Up Form.


BOB Book List and Calendar

Please look at our book list and calendar for all 2019-2020 dates and book information.