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Walking Waiver


All students who are not driven to and from school must have a signed Walking Waiver on file in the School Office.  Learners will be required to check in with the on-duty monitor when attempting to walk off campus. If the learners name is not on the approved list, they will be sent back to the Welcome Center to contact the parent or to Eday if the parent/guardian cannot be reached. Students with Walking Waivers are not allowed to walk through the parking lot without being accompanied by an adult.

To be eligible for a Walking Waiver parents must submit a signed Walking Waiver form.  Unsupervised learners will not be permitted to leave campus without a Walking Waiver.

By signing this waiver, the parent acknowledges that the child named on the form will walk directly to the designated residence. This does not apply to students walking to a waiting car to be transported home or final destination. Should this agreement be violated, and students are found to be picked up along the neighboring streets, the walking waiver becomes null and void.