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Digital Tools for Education

Digital Educational Tools and Websites

Motion and Force interactive sites (Gr.5-8) -
Speed, Distance, and Time Virtual Lab -
Velocity Park interactive (requires Flash) -
Interactive Sites -Physics: Force and Motion -
The Science Spot - Physics lessons plans -
Scriber Monkey - - speed, velocity, acceleration
Science of NFL Football -
Concord Consortium - Help your students learn with hundreds of interactive, research-based resources covering a huge variety of science, engineering, and math topics.
Velocity and Acceleration - ck12 -

The Periodic Table -
Photographic Periodic Table -
Interactive Periodic Table -
Interactive Periodic Table in pictures and words -


Artsonia - a free website where you can upload pictures of student artwork. Parents can even purchase high-quality custom keepsakes with their child’s art.  

Soundbible Free sound effects

BINGO - create custom Bingo cards for checking vocabulary or other knowledge. Can print or use online.

Videos series for ELA for ELLs -
ESOL courses -
FluentU blog -

ESL Games Plus - also has games for mobile devices -
10 Vocabulary Games -

Games and Activities for the ESL Classroom -

*Money Instructor -
iPad apps for teaching eceonomics K-2 -
Kids Money -


Eat & Move-o-matic - Learn about foods and how they fuel your body.
Kids Health - sections for parents, kids, teens and educators - - site for kids, parents, teachers -
About Kids Health - from The Hospital for Sick Children in Canada -
Nutrition for Kids - I recommend this for teachers because there is some shopping at the bottom. -
Learn to be Healthy -
Health links - over 40 links -

Graphic Organizers

Interactive graphic organizers (can fill out online) -
60 Graphic Organizers - to download and print -
Graphic Organizers for Planning and Writing -


Annenberg Learner - Interactives for all content areas K-12.

Typing CLub - free school edition as well as paid. - free teaecher edition -
Learning Games for Kids - keyboarding -
KidzType - lessons as well as games - no class management -
Dance Mat Typing -

Keyboarding Zoo - PreK-5 - abcya -
Bif Birwn Bear Ler=arnf to Type -
Keyboard Climber -

NumberNut - math from shapes to PreAlgebra. Explanations, activities, quizzes, PDF workbooks, -
K-12 Math Projects -
Algebra II Projects -
Project Based Learning in your Algebra Classroom -
Math and Project based learning - 22 amazing resources -
Emergent math -here are problem based curricuum maps -
Robert Kaplinsky - math problems using real world situations and depth of knowledge questions for K-Algebra 2 -
Making Mathematical Thinking Processes Visible - includes graphic organizers and strategies.
Math Projects Journal (middle and high school) - - from Stanford University. Great to start out the year and help students create a growth mindset in math. Also research on teaching math. - middle school through Algebra 2 National Library of Virtual Manipulatives - Illustrated Mathematics Dictionary - can be translated into dozens of languages - video lessons

Math Interactives - for elementary, middle and high school

Math in/out tables - 2 types and 3 levels -
Geometer’s Sketchpad Resources -
BuzzMath - math practice for middle school. Free version as well as paid.

Geometry worksheets -

Algebra 1 PBL -
3Act Math -
Modeling with Mathematics -
More 3 Act Math - Dan Meyer: Three-Act Tasks (grades 6-12)
Graham Fletcher: Three-Act Tasks (grades K-7)
Mike Wiernicki: Three-Act Tasks (grades 2-8)
Andrew Stadel: Three-Act Tasks (elementary-high school)

Real world problems with 2-step equations - (also has an online assessment - takes about 18 minutes)
Coordinate geometry and graphing

Activities for Solving Equations -

Math Playground - K-8 games, including Thinking Blocks.
Geoboard - iPad, Google and Windows app. Geoboard is a tool for exploring a variety of mathematical topics introduced in the elementary and middle grades. Learners stretch bands around the pegs to form line segments and polygons and make discoveries about perimeter, area, angles, congruence, fractions, and more. Also online at
More from Math Learning Center -

The Art of Triangles -

Interactive Math Tools - -mostly middle and high school - works on iPad
Algebra Melt-down -
Math games -

10 Math Tutorial websites not named Khan - mostly for middle/high school

Mind mapping/ Concept mapping
MindMup - also an extension for Chrome - free