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Digital Library

The Digital Library was started last year through a grant from the Orange Catholic Foundation. Over 10,000 ebooks are being shared by schools in the Diocese of Orange. Using Destiny software,  teachers and learners in grades 4-8, have single sign-on access to multiple resources from anywhere in the school and from home on any web-connected device, including tablets and smartphones.

 This program allows learners and teachers to seamlessly search and access all print and digital content from just one location through the Destiny portal. Learners can browse the inventory of books in our school library, e-books, and WebPath Express.


WebPath Express is an educational search tool, that gives students access to thousands of high quality, educator-reviewed websites. There are more than 90,000 websites and over 12,000 topic areas. It eliminates the concern about searching unknown websites. 


How does my learner access this site?


From a computer

Go to the website:

You will have to find our state and school. Our school name is The Parish School. Learners use their AR username and password to log in.



Destinydiscover app is already downloaded on the school iPads. App can also be downloaded from the app store.