Course Expectations

This course is comprised of Language and Writing, and Speaking and Listening. Students will demonstrate effective use of academic and subject specific vocabulary and an understanding of standard grammar and usage. By the end of the year, students will have read five class novels and many poems and short stories. Students will also produce clear and coherent writing, edit writing, research topics, and use technology for writing and research. Students will produce three essays throughout the course of the year (narrative, expository, and argumentative). All writing assignments will be completed in class and we will continue to use the Jane Schaffer Writing Program. The Jane Schaffer Writing Program is based on the philosophy that “all students can think; all students can write.” There is a specific formula and structure in place, and when students are ready they can leave the formula behind and start to “weave” their facts and opinions into paragraphs. The writing process will consist of brainstorms, directed writing, journals, rough drafts, peer critique, revision, final copy, and portfolio development. There will also be a speaking and listening component of this course, consisting of oral presentations and speeches. 

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