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Monarch Mileage Club

The Monarch Mileage Club started in early February of 2023, with the purpose of adding another lunchtime activity option and to increase the cardiovascular health of our students. The numbers accumulated over the four months absolutely amazed the St. Edward staff and administrative team.


We had approximately 225 students in first through eighth grade that chose to participate in this activity. As of the end of the school year, our first through eighth students ran about 10,093 laps which equates to roughly 1312 miles. Each student that expressed an interest in participating received a lanyard, plastic card holder and EZ scan card. The activity of our students was captured by students scanning their card after each lunchtime lap on an iPad. At the end of the school year, students were asked to return their scan card in exchange for a personalized certificate documenting how many miles they ran in the 2022-2023 school year. 


We passed out fifty-two ten-mile (80 lap) club shirts prior to the end of the 2022-2023 school year. Our ten mile “Vocab T” shirts have a St. Edward logo on the front of the shirt and the back has a Physical Education or Character definition on it. The “Vocab-T…initiative is aimed at improving student achievement, helping teachers focus their efforts, and enhancing the overall learning environment in schools…”.


As far as other running milestone awards, each student received a glow in the dark toe token after walking or running one mile, a number five toe token after five miles, a commemorative t-shirt after accomplishing ten miles and a number twenty token after walking or running an amazing twenty miles.  Additionally, runners who passed thirty miles received a wrist bracelet and those that ran more than forty, fifty, sixty and seventy miles received unique commemorative toe tokens for each milestone crossed. In 2022-2023 we had one student that ran seventy miles, two that ran forty or more, one that ran 34 miles and seven that ran between twenty and twenty-nine miles. 


We are so proud of our students effort, BIG or small…Go Monarchs!!!