Campus Safety » Overview


As part of an ongoing commitment to the safety of our students and staff, we have implemented safety measures:


Safety Drills:



Lock Downs

Active Shooter

Major Disaster


Anchorman: The school has invested in Anchorman door locks on every door on our school campus. These barricades add a layer of deterrent in the event of an active shooter. Our students and staff are instructed on their use in the case of an emergency.


Identification Tags:  All staff and volunteers are required to display an identification tag on a school issued lanyard. Volunteers obtain their ID and lanyard upon signing in and turn them back in at the end of their shift, the same day.


Signing In & Out: 

  • All visitors and volunteers must sign in and out at the front office for safety and security purposes.
  • Parents needing to pick up their child during the school day are required to sign out their child in the front office. If the child is returning later in the day, the parent is required to sign their child back in on the same form in the front office.


Security Cameras

The school has cameras that view our school perimeter as well as inside areas within the school building. Our cameras record footage that can be recalled at a later date if needed. 


Security Staff On Campus

We have contracted with Barcott Protective Services to provide campus security during the school day. The guard duties include patrolling, observing, reporting, communication and protection from threats and other activities typical of security services. We want the security person to be an extension of our school staff, welcoming and interacting with students, parents, staff and guests while having a positive impact on our school community. 



Parents and other authorized emergency contacts will be notified via text in the event of an emergency or perceived threat on campus. Updating and maintaining mobile phone information within the FACTS Student Information System is the responsibility of the parent.