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To report an absence using the online form, click on the "Absence Reporting" link on this page.
Excused Absences
The State of California Department of Education (E.C. 46010 - Excused Absences) states that excused absences may be for the following reasons:
·                 Illness
·                 Quarantine (official)
·                 Medical/dental
·                 Purpose of attending funeral service for immediate family (1 day California or 3 days out-of-state)
·                 Exclusion from school for immunization - refer to section 3381 Health & Safety Code (5 days maximum)
·                 School initiated absence
Absent on a Given Day
In the event of absence on any given day, please call the school office between 7:30-9:00 am or submit the online form and include an explanation for the student's absence. If a student is absent and we have not been notified, the school office will call to verify the absence by 10:30 am or as soon as possible thereafter.
Re-admittance After Absence
When a student has been absent from school a re-admit slip is required in order to return to school. All students need to be re-admitted through the Welcome Center.
Excessive Absences
Excessive absence is defined as a student who has been absent 10 or more days during a trimester or 30 or more days in a school year. Excessive, unexcused absences may result in consequences.  A notification to the parent will be sent home.  If excessive absences are due to a prolonged medical condition or quarantine, the school must be notified in order to determine the best course of action for managing missed work.  In the event the number of missed assignments for the student becomes a burden for the teachers to manage, home tutoring will be required in order to bring a student up-to-date.
Attendance Required for Participation in School Events
In order for students to be eligible to participate in any school event (practice/competition and/or activity) on a given day, they must be in school by 10:25 a.m. A late night school-sponsored event is not an excuse for missing school the following day.
Dismissing a Student from School
No student is allowed to leave the school grounds at any time after arrival to school on any given school day unless directly authorized by parents or staff. This includes participation in special school functions or performances whether they occur before or after regular school hours or on weekends. If parents have a valid and necessary reason to excuse students from school, parents must:
·         Send a prior note authorizing the absence and the reason that the student will be absent.
·         Personally pick the student up in the School Office.*and Sign the student out in the Student Release Log at the Front Desk.
* Parents are not allowed to go directly to the classroom to pick up students. All students leaving during school hours must be signed out by a parent or guardian from the School Office.
Make-up Work
Teachers are not required to give make-up work, tests, special classes during recess, before or after school, or to prepare work prior to student's absence from school when a student has been or will be absent from classes for any reason other than medical or genuine emergency situations.
Teachers will save work papers and assignments for absent students so that work may be made up upon the student's return to class. Parents may request homework for students from the office providing the student has been or will be out three or more days. This request may take up to one full day’s time for teachers to be notified.
It is the student’s responsibility to obtain a list of missed assignments upon return to school through the teacher web pages or through ABI/Aeries.
In all grades, a student will have one day per each day of absence to make up assignments/tests.
Prolonged Illness
After an illness of more than 10 days, home tutoring (provided by the parent), may be required in order to bring a student up-to-date on missed concepts, assignments, and tests. 
Field Trip Days
Field trip days are regular school days and attendance is required. Mass uniform is required unless otherwise indicated.
Field Studies (Washington D.C. and Outdoor Science School)
If a student is unable to attend these field studies, students will be given an assignment equal to approximately six class hours of work for each day of the trip. It is expected that the assignments will be turned in the Monday following the trip.
Family Trips
Although the school does not encourage students to miss school for any reason, a provision for a “Family” trip has been made. This privilege may be exercised ONCE in an academic year.  A total of five (5) days are allowed. It may be difficult to provide extra tutoring for the class time missed during a family trip, so it is best to plan accordingly.
The following procedures must be followed to ensure the absences are recorded as Excused:
·         Parent/guardian must indicate specific reason(s) for trip.
·         A notification, in writing, must be submitted to the Administration five (5) school days prior to the expected departure date for approval. 
Failure to follow the above-mentioned procedures may result in the student’s absences being recorded as “Unexcused.”  School work, assignments, and/or tests missed because of an unexcused trip may NOT be made up.
Morning Tardy
A student who is tardy in the morning must report directly to the school office.  Morning tardies are determined as excused or unexcused by the school office.  Each student will be granted five (5) morning “excused” tardies per trimester, beyond those that occur for doctor’s appointments. These “excused” tardies include any emergency out of your control, for example: electrical outages, car accidents, traffic, etc.   The office will maintain a tally of the “excused” tardies.  All doctor appointments and illness must be confirmed by a doctor’s office note within 24 hours of the event.  If a student arrives after 10:30am, the tardy will be considered absent for at least a half day.
Consequences of Unexcused & Chronic Tardy
First Offense through 5th: Infraction
The infraction received for tardies will count as a management (tardy/uniform) infraction.  (Please see discipline guidelines for policies regarding management infractions, detentions, Saturday detentions, Out of School Suspensions and Pastor’s Hearings.)
Truancy is defined as “unexcused absence” from school without the knowledge and consent of a parent/guardian or proper St. Edward the Confessor Parish School authorities, for part or all of any school day.
·         Period truancy is defined as being absent from any class period.
·         Full day truancy is defined as being absent from school for a full school day without appropriate notification
A student will be considered absent if he or she leaves school grounds before, during or after school hours. After school hours refers to attendance at rehearsals, after-school sports as player or spectator.
Consequences: To be determined by the Administration. Schoolwork, assignments, and/or tests missed due to truancy may not be made up.