6th - 8th Grade Service Program

Christian Service Program Guidelines

The SLE Project commences when students enter 6th grade and concludes at the end of 8th grade.   In order to complete this project, the student is asked to participate in Christian stewardship and service in a personally meaningful manner that can be expressed through witness narratives, reflection, and leadership. The SLE Project is not based upon a set minimum of service hours each year, rather it is based upon participation in service activities from 6th – 8th grade that will enable each student to bear witness to how service has impacted their life.  This cumulative project will note the various activities that the student has chosen to be involved in throughout middle school.  It is our hope that every student will participate in both Corporal Acts of Mercy and Spiritual Acts of Mercy. Corporal Acts of Mercy consist of helping the hungry, homeless, poor, or needy, helping the sick or elderly as well as the emotionally or physically disabled.  Spiritual Acts of Mercy include helping our youth, participating in religious and cultural activities as well as care for animals and the environment.

The SLE project guidelines will be presented each fall in the Religion class for students in 6th – 8th grade. Students can choose a combination of service activities independently, through those offered by the parish, the school, and the larger community to complete the SLE Project.  Students will be required to complete an annual reflection activity, a bearing witness activity (written project and oral presentation).

Transfer Students
Students transferring into the Middle School are responsible for completing the SLE project during the term of their enrollment period only.