Welcome to TYKE!
The TYKE program is a full-day, full-time Kindergarten readiness program that further develops social and emotional skills. The curriculum includes project-based learning opportunities, English language arts (ELA) and math centers and independent work. The classrooms are smaller than our kindergarten, with a 12:1 student-teacher ratio allowing for lots of small group and hands-on instruction. Some of the highlights of the TYKE year include strengthening our SUPER TYKE powers through character education; hatching chicks and ducklings; weekly Prayer Partner activities with the 8th Graders. Previous events included the Super 8 TYKEade (a collaboration of handmade arcade games) and the TYKE Olympics.
Each day, our TYKE Learners engage themselves in a themed curriculum which integrates ELA, Math, STREAM, Religion and Social Studies into age-appropriate activities. Hands and minds stay creative yet focused through fun daily activities like sensory centers, music and movement, dramatic play and more. For instance, while exploring math concepts, they are using manipulatives to recognize and create patterns or compare quantities. In ELA, they use ZooPhonics, a multi-sensory program to introduce them to reading and language. Because Christ is the center of all that we do, our TYKEs attend Mass weekly with their 8th Grade Prayer Partners. Our SUPER TYKEs learn daily how to be one of God's children through character education, like serving as community helpers and caring for our planet, Catholic prayers and celebrating religious feast days and holidays.