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Volunteer Guidelines


To encourage parental involvement in our students’ education and provide an opportunity for parents to role model Christian service. Volunteering also provides each family the opportunity to promote a sense of community in our School. 



All families are required to either fulfill 1.5 credits in volunteering or choose to buy out. Families can sign up for one position that totals 1.5 credits or select a combination of positions to reach the 1.5 requirement. The credit requirement is per family, not per child. The buy-out option fee for all 1.5 credits is $1500. Each .5 credit not fulfilled will be charged at a rate of $500.


If you only have a preschooler and not a child enrolling in grades TYKE-8, the volunteer requirements are as follows:

2 day a week program  =   0.5 credit required  or  $500 buy out option

3 day a week program  =   1.0 credit required  or  $1,000 buy out option

5 day a week program  =   1.5 credit required  or  $1,500 buy out option


*Starting in 2023-2024 school year, volunteer requirements will be calculated in hours versus credits. More details to come in the near future.



Each family is required to complete volunteer service annually in support of school activities and events. During registration, parents use a SignUp Genius to review and sign up for volunteer opportunities that are available for the 2022-2023 school year. Some positions - primarily the PGO Executive Board, and Parent Ambassador - require an interest form which can be downloaded here.  The remaining positions are filled on a first-come, first-served basis during registration in early spring using a Sign Up Genius. All positions are subject to administrative approval.


Volunteer shifts completed are self-reported in the Parent Service Reporting section of your FACTS SIS account. Hours and credits will be verified by the event supervisor (ie. committee chairperson, teacher, director). Click Here for instructions.

The selection of volunteer positions or to buy-out must be completed at the time of registration.  Registration will not be considered complete without a volunteer signup.

  • If after the registration deadline you want to make changes to your volunteer selection, you must notify the volunteer chair of the change and select a comparable credit alternative at that time. Failure to select an alternative will result in the assessment of the buy-out fee for those credits missed.
  • If you select to buy-out at the time of registration, the buy-out fee will be charged through your FACTS account by October 1, 2022. If you choose to change your buy-out selection to volunteering, the change must be made prior to buy-out fee being charged on October 1st.
  • All changes or additions to your volunteer positions selections must be made before May 1st in order to avoid being assessed the buy-out fee. Any buy-out fees that have been assessed for no-shows will be non-refundable after the June 1st.
  • Please remember to add your volunteer event to your calendar for reminders as the system is not equipped to send out those notifications. Failure to sign up and/or complete your selected volunteer commitment will result in the assessment of the buy-out fee for those credits missed. 



The health and safety of our students, faculty and volunteers is of utmost importance. All volunteers will be expected to comply with the suggested protections and guidelines of the CDC, State and Diocese. Therefore, the following guidelines are subject to change.

  • Effective September 17, 2022, the California Department of Public Health has rescinded the health order stating volunteers who are supporting school functions when students are present (i.e. in-class, coaching, field-trip chaperone) would be required to submit proof of vaccination and must wear masks at all times inside the school building and as required on school field trips. Unvaccinated volunteers will no longer be required to test negative for COVID-19 within 72 hours prior to a volunteer activity (i.e. field trip chaperone) and provide negative test results to the school.


All preschool volunteers must have current MMR and TDAP in order to volunteer in the preschool classroom or at any preschool event. Flu shots are highly recommended. We are awaiting direction from the diocese as to the recommendation regarding the COVID vaccine.


All volunteers who work directly with children on a regular basis (including driving for field trips or sports events) must be fingerprinted through the Diocese of Orange and complete an online Safe Environment training course. The course training link and instructions are available below or are available in the Front Office. After the course is completed, please print out the certificate and turn it in to the school office.
Please contact the Front Office for fingerprinting forms, details and locations. Volunteers may only begin working after their fingerprinting is cleared and their Safe Environment certificate has been received by the school office. Fingerprinting may take a few weeks for complete verification to be received by school administration.
In addition to the above mentioned guidelines, all drivers who will be transporting students in their vehicle must complete and submit the online Driver Insurance Verification Form. CLICK HERE to be redirected to the form.