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Volunteer Guidelines


To encourage parental involvement in our students’ education and provide an opportunity for parents to role model Christian service. Volunteering also provides each family the opportunity to promote a sense of community in our School. 



All families are required to either fulfill volunteer hours or choose to buy out. Families can sign up for one or a combination of positions to reach the required commitment. The volunteer hours requirement is per family, not per child. Families that do not fulfill or fall short of their volunteer commitment will be assess a fee of $50 per hour. Volunteer hours completed that exceed the required amount cannot be rolled over to another year.


Families with students in TYKE- 8 or 5-day preschool program - 25 volunteer hours or buy-out of $1500.


If you only have a preschooler and not a child enrolling in grades TYKE-8, the volunteer requirements are as follows:

2 day a week program  =   5 hours required  or  $300 buy out option

3 day a week program  =   15 hours required  or  $900 buy out option

5 day a week program  =   25 hours required  or  $1,500 buy out option



A volunteer handbook will be available for parents to reference, stating the positions available, dates of the events and descriptions of each volunteer positions. Sign ups for volunteer opportunities will be available on a SignUp Genius as the event coordinators or day of event volunteers are needed. Some positions are multi-year commitments and may already be filled.


Volunteer shifts completed are self-reported in the Parent Service Reporting section of your FACTS SIS Parent Portal. Hours reported will be verified by the event supervisor (ie. committee chairperson, teacher, director, etc.) Click Here for instructions.

All volunteers who work directly with children on a regular basis (including driving for field trips or sports events) must be fingerprinted through the Diocese of Orange and complete an online Safe Environment training course. The course training link and instructions are available below or are available in the Front Office. After the course is completed, please print out the certificate and turn it in to the school office.
Please contact the Front Office for fingerprinting forms, details and locations. Volunteers may only begin working after their fingerprinting is cleared and their Safe Environment certificate has been received by the school office. Fingerprinting may take a few weeks for complete verification to be received by school administration.
In addition to the above mentioned guidelines, all drivers who will be transporting students in their vehicle must complete and submit the online Driver Insurance Verification Form. CLICK HERE to be redirected to the form.