fifth grade picture
Welcome to Fifth Grade!
Fifth grade is a year full of American history, life science and growing responsibilities as first-year upper classman. Although they still rotate subjects as a collective unit, they use lockers and have their own Chromebooks for in-depth learning. The highlight of the year is studying American History up to 1850, including the American Revolution. This historical event is covered in many subjects and through many immersive hands-on learning events, including the State Fair, writing the state research report, and participating in the Walk Through the American Revolution experience and an overnight trip to Riley's Farm where they reenact the Revolutionary battles.
In science, learners explore living organisms and how they acquire and utilize energy. Students visit Modjeska Canyon and the tide pools at Crystal Cove to further study the interconnectedness of organisms within our community. Whether studying life, physical or space science, students become scientists that initiate their own investigations supported through hands-on activities (squid dissection is a fifth grade favorite!), lab experiments and project-based learning.
These same explorative skills apply to math as they start to study abstract concepts using concrete and pictorial models. Topics covered include multi-digit multiplication/division, fractions, decimals, area, volume and ending with algebraic functions and relationships. In English language arts, they focus on three large units - narrative (personal writings), nonfiction (research process and the State Report) and argument (writing an effective argument essay).
Religion class focuses on the life, mission and saving works of Jesus Christ and how those teachings can be applied to everyday life. Learners reflect and decide on ways to integrate five themes into Catholic family living - God's gift of family, self, life, love and community.