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First Communion


Welcome to Second Grade!

Second Grade is a wonderful year as learners gain independence and become more active participants in their education. Learning is filled with exploration, innovation and fun. Each of our classroom environments provide hands-on learning opportunities to meet the needs of all learning styles.  Our classrooms are built on structure, strong collaboration and filled with kindness and love.

This is a special year for learners as they grow in their faith and love of Christ through First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion. We spend the year preparing for these events and work closely with our parents, priests and school community to build a strong foundation for a faith-filled life.

Another one of the highlights is learning about family history and holiday traditions. This curriculum culminates with Immigration Day where the entire grade (including teachers and families) reenact life as an early immigrant arriving on Ellis Island.

Throughout the year we nurture our learners as they evolve into strong readers, mathematicians, scientists, explorers and Christians. We work hard to develop a strong love for learning and an attitude of love and kindness. 

As teachers and Instructional Aides, we are truly blessed to have the opportunity to work and surround ourselves with so many wonderful children and families.

The Second Grade Team