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Uniforms & Grooming

Dress Code
Uniforms are a hallmark of Catholic education. They are worn as a means of modeling modesty and unity within the school. In addition to these aspects of wearing a uniform, we also can honor Christ by reverently dressing up for Mass on Fridays in our Mass uniforms. This is a small sacrifice that we offer but it marks us as believers and it demonstrates respect for our Liturgy.
Mondays and Wednesday are our spirit days. We look forward to students showing their Monarch pride by wearing spirit shirts with regular uniform bottoms. Fun socks are also allowed on these days.
On the occasion when we have special non-uniform dress days, such as Halloween, Patriot Day, Spirit Week, etc. Guidelines for non-uniform dress days are the same as for Regulation Uniform Dress in relation to hair, make-up, and jewelry. Shoes must be closed-toe (no sandals), appropriate, and worn with socks. Appropriate “free dress” is required. Shirts with an offensive logo, shirt exposing midriff or tank tops are not allowed. All skirts and shorts must conform to the school regulations for length. Students that arrive on campus, out of dress code or inappropriately dressed, will be required to change or be sent home. 
Parents have the primary responsibility for maintaining uniform regulations before arriving to school. Administration/faculty will be primarily responsible for enforcing uniform policy once at school. 
Below please find the uniform policy. Please contact any of the Assistant Principals with any questions.