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Dress Code
Student appearance has an impact on attitude and behavior in school. Respect for the school community, for the students themselves, and for what the school is giving to the students is manifested by an attitude of "dressing up" rather than "dressing down" for school. The dress code is also designed to help students develop a sense of modesty and decorum. It should educate them in what is appropriate dress for the proper time and place.
Parents have the primary responsibility for maintaining uniform regulations before arriving to school. Administration/faculty will be primarily responsible for enforcing uniform policy once at school. It will be at the discretion of the Principal to send students “out of uniform” home.
Articles of clothing NOT listed are NOT permitted. Uniforms are to be worn the first day of school.
Personal Appearance
Uniforms must be neat, clean, pressed, and in good condition. Students wearing worn or torn uniform items will be sent home from school. An infraction will be issued as a result of noncompliance. Uniforms are to be worn to and from school except when students are participating in school approved events.
Students’ hair must be worn in a conservative and well groomed style. Hair which, in the opinion of the Administration, fails to meet this standard may result in a student being sent home. Extreme hairstyles are not permitted; hair gel may only be used in moderation. Hair should be well groomed and worn in such a fashion that vision is not obstructed. Length of boy's hair should be cut to above shirt collar and tapered so that the hair on the back of the head above the neck line is short enough to lie down smoothly. Hair must be above the eyebrow, must not extend past mid-ear and must be above the back of the collar. No dyed hair is allowed. No facial hair is allowed. Hats are not allowed.
If a student is out of uniform he/she will receive an infraction and you may be asked to come and pick him/her up from school or bring the appropriate uniform. Infractions for Uniform Violations are considered management (tardy/uniform) violations. Please refer to the discipline policy.
Please see the attachment to the right for uniform requirements outlined in the Student Handbook