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Monarch FUNd Day

2016-2017 Monarch Annual FUNd Day

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

We are extremely grateful for the 51 donors who have cast their vote of confidence in our effort to provide the very best in Catholic education for the learners at The Parish School by contributing to the 2016-2017 Monarch Annual Fund. Although our program has been successful thus far, there is still so much more we can do in support of mathematics instruction, and our special literary initiatives, such as Battle of the Books, Lift Off to Literacy, and our Reader’s Workshop libraries.

From March 27th – April 7th we will be promoting participation in the

Monarch Annual Fund through our second annual Monarch Annual FUNd Day competition.

ALL participants will receive free dress on May 10th. Please follow all non-uniform dress guidelines. On this day ONLY, Coach Fitz has agreed to allow physical education students to be out of uniform provided they are dressed in a way that does not prohibit their class participation. This includes footwear. Thank you for your support Coach Fitz, Mrs. Hormuth, and Miss Zehler!

The name of one learner from a participating family will be drawn the day before to have lunch with Dr. Muzzy on Monarch Annual FUNd Day. The winning learner may invite 2 friends to join the fun!

For the grade level with the highest percentage of participation as of the close of school on April 7th…we reserve the opportunity of an Italian lunch and art. This group of learners will have the chance to turn our Art teacher, Mrs. Liuzzi, into a human masterpiece… a Mona Liuzzi if you will…with a Jackson Pollock spin! That’s right, messy, paint splattering fun, flying directly towards Mrs. Liuzzi and her “all white” attire. Mrs. Liuzzi’s famous “dot, dot, not a lot” does not apply here…let the palette of colors take flight! Thank you, Mrs. Liuzzi for allowing us to take art to an entirely new level! Watch for our Mona Liuzzi on the wall in the downstairs hallway as she begins to be covered with colored paint splatters to help you monitor the grade level participation. Every splatter equals one learner’s participation. Buona fortuna! (Good luck!)

One last thing…should we reach our goal of 100 percent participation for the entire school, Dr. Muzzy has agreed to award an ENTIRE week of free dress! Of course, as always, this does not include Mass day.

We hope you’ll consider participating at a level that is comfortable for your family by using the attached envelope. Beginning March 30th, donations can be made online by clicking on the “Donate” button in the upper right corner of the homepage on our website. Unless your donation is made online, your donation MUST be accompanied by the provided envelope in order for the grade level of your learner(s) to receive credit. Every gift matters! Please return all envelopes to your learner’s teacher or the Welcome Center.

If you have already participated in our 2016-2017 Monarch Annual Fund, thank you…your learner(s) classrooms will receive their participation credit.

Any questions can be directed to our Director of Advancement, Lori Evers at

*Should a tie occur, a drawing or coin toss will take place to determine the winner.