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Halloween 2020

Mark your calendars! Halloween will be here in no time, and we have some fun days planned:

Wednesday, October 28th Halloween Themed Spirit Day

Students are encouraged to Halloween themed non-uniform dress! This means Free Dress with black, orange, or Halloween themed shirts and Halloween accessories. Please review our handbook for non-uniform dress code NO COSTUMES.

Thursday, October 29th 

Students in all grade levels may wear their Halloween costumes or comfy cozy dress to school. (Please adhere to Halloween costume guidelines and Free Dress guidelines- Halloween guidelines listed below.)

Preschool Families, please see the preschool section for different dates.

Costume Guidelines:

  • Costumes should depict themes or topics that are in keeping with our Catholic values. Some ideas include saints, angels, historical figures, cartoon characters, super heroes, athletics, food items, characters from books, landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, etc.
  • Costumes should be comfortable to wear for the duration of the school day. If they are not comfortable, students should bring an appropriate change of clothing.
  • Shoes must be worn at all times.
  • Students are responsible for taking care of their costumes and accessories and the faculty and staff are not responsible for securing costumes and props for the duration of the school day. If items of value are included in the costume then students should not bring these items to school or parents should plan to take these home immediately following the parade.
  • Costume elements or props that are suggestive of weaponry or violence of any kind are not permitted. 
  • Costumes that include face covering masks, blood, or otherwise gruesome make-up are not permitted. 
  • Costumes that could scare another student may not be worn.
  • Costumes should be in keeping with our Catholic values and traditions. Any costume that depicts the devil or is suggestive of satanic ideas are not permitted.
  • Costumes that include short skirts are not permitted unless shorts or leggings are worn underneath it.
  • Spaghetti strap shirts, bare mid-drifts, and bare-backs are not permitted. 
  • Costumes that are risqué or sexually suggestive are not permitted.
  • Costumes that express alcohol, sex, violence, and/or drug motifs are not permitted.