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Website & Sycamore FAQ

What is the difference between Sycamore and Edlio (aka website)?
Sycamore is the Diocesan required Student Information System which houses family and learner demographics.  We use Sycamore for learner scheduling, grades and report cards, not teacher pages or homework.  
The website (Edlio) is used for communication of news, events, teacher pages, homework and various facets of Campus Life.
How can I access Sycamore or Edlio?
If you've gotten this far, you found our website.
The Sycamore Parent Portal link can be found at the top of the school website or the URL is     Your Username and Password is the same you used to register.             
How do I see my child's grades?
Individual learner's grades can be found by logging into your Sycamore account.  Grades are located in your learner's profile, under the Grades tab at the top.
How do I obtain a copy of my child's report cards or transcripts?
Report cards and transcripts can be found in Sycamore in your child's profile, under the Documents tab.
It would be so much easier if the homework just came to my email instead of having to go to the website.  Is there a way to do that?
Yes.  By subscribing to each of your child's classes, you can receive homework updates one week and the day before a due date.  Any recently posted homework assignments from all subscribed classes per grade level will be delivered in one concise email.
How do I subscribe to the homework?
From the grade level homepage, click on Classes, and then on the class you would like to subscribe to.  This will take you to the homework page for that class.  Click on the Subscribe button located on the right of the screen.  Your email will only contain homework for those classes that have posted an assignment.

What if my spouse also wants to subscribe, it doesn’t seem to allow it?

Once one family member subscribes to a page, additional email subscribers can be added by clicking on the “What’s this?” link.

Can my child receive these emails?
Yes, if your child has his/her own email address.
How do I get to the grade level homepage?
From the Menu bar just below the school name, select Academics, then Grade Levels, then select your grade level.
How do I subscribe to the teacher's webpage?
From the grade level homepage, click on Classes, and then on the teacher name you would like to subscribe to.  This will take you to the teacher's home page.  Click on the Subscribe button located on the right of the screen.
What is the difference between subscribing to the homework page and subscribing to the teacher page?
The homework subscription sends you daily updates of anything posted to the homework page.  Subscribing to the teacher page allows you to get notifications of updates made to their homepage.  When subscribing to both homework and teacher pages, all of the information will come in one concise email, not a separate email from each page.
I'm still getting email subscriptions from previous teachers and grades.  How do I stop that?
If you are a returning family and previously used this feature, please unsubscribe to those teacher and homework pages from last year.  To do this, you must go to an email received from Edlio and click on "Manage Settings".
I have so many things going on, I wish school events just loaded to my smartphone calendar.  Is there a calendar subscription?
Yes.  Under Events, there is an option to "Show All".  Click on Show All, then in the upper right corner click on Subscribe and choose your calendar.