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Schoolwide Learning Expectations » Schoolwide Learning Expectations (SLEs)

Schoolwide Learning Expectations (SLEs)

We aspire for each Learner at The Parish School at St. Edward the Confessor Catholic Church to be:

A faith-filled Catholic Christian who:

• Understands and models strong Catholic principles;

• Has a Catholic identity, can put one’s faith into action and can live a “Christ-like” life;

• Is a person who respects and is a guardian of life;

• Is able to make wise decisions based on good Catholic moral values with a clear understanding of consequences; and

• Is a compassionate and caring person.

A life-long learner who:

• Is academically knowledgeable;

• Is a critical, independent thinker with good judgment;

• Is able to organize time and tasks in order of priority and urgency;

• Is able to attain the skills necessary to set and achieve goals; and

• Has the desire to never stop growing or adapting to new ideas.

An integrated individual who:

• Has a global vision of one’s role in society, seeing diversity in others and accepting those differences and celebrating them;

• Is a person of character with integrity, accountability, responsibility, and self-discipline;

• Is a steward with the knowledge of self, which leads to a realization of one’s God-given talents;

• Is a health-conscious individual able to make healthy choices; and

• Is an effective communicator.  

The Parish School at St. Edward the Confessor Catholic Church emphasizes a holistic experience in liberal studies grounded in our Catholic faith and traditions.  We recognize parents at the primary educators of their children and our instructional team works with them in partnership.  Our instructional approach includes hands-on, inquiry-based instructional opportunities that allow each learner to discover his or her God-given gifts and talents.  The Parish School instructional team well understands the rigor and expectations of high school, college, and career readiness and the role that elementary and intermediate education play in that continuum. We encourage critical thinking, problem-solving, inquiry, and individualized instruction by using curriculum developed specifically for our learners with guidance from the Department of Catholic Schools and the Diocese of Orange.