STREAM night is Wednesday March 15th from 6:00pm – 8:00pm


Join us to explore the Wonders of Weather! Uncover the Why?...How?...Where?...So What?... of weather systems. Explore the science and technology that helps to predict, prepare, protect and enjoy nature's weather events.


Showcase your skills by creating a project to share with to all who attend. Students in all grades are invited to participate. Participation is optional.


Have an idea for your project? Want the chance to win prizes? Read on, and sign up to participate in categories such as Technology & Engineering, Science & Math, Art & Design, and Cooking.


Need some inspiration? Check out some of these sites to brainstorm (pun intended) and get started!

Students who participate will showcase their projects the night of the event. Judges will determine a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner in each category. Our judges will evaluate:
  • How well you incorporated the theme into your project
  • The unique and thoughtful nature of your project 
  • The overall presentation and creativity of your project


Bonus – All participants will receive a free dress pass!


For those who have not attended a STREAM night, this is an annual showcase of our community's creativity and love of the sciences and arts with student projects, classroom activities, food, games, prizes, family fun and more!


Come early and join us for dinner at 5:30pm. Check out the weekly newsletter for more info to come!


Questions? Reach out to Trisha Gwin