As one of the ministries of the Parish, the school serves to support the goal of the parish to become a House of Prayer and House for the Poor. Students, families, faculty and staff are encouraged to participate in the outreach programs hosted or supported by the parish.  

Outlet is the middle school youth ministry program at St. Edward the Confessor. This is a service based, intergenerational experience for parents and tweens. Twice each month, we will gather in an effort to foster a stronger relationship with Jesus through better understanding and service to the community. The first week, we gather in the school gym to talk about our faith and to plan how we will go about putting our faith into action by helping those in need. The second week, we will gather together and do a hands-on service project. By studying and then living out the corporal and spiritual works of mercy of our faith, given to us by Christ, we will strive to become true disciples.

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You can register your family for Outlet by following this link to our on-line Faith Formation process: