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Medication Administration Policy

Dear Parents,
The policy regarding the administration of medication at school is set by the Diocese of Orange and the California Department of Education.
Medical treatment is the responsibility of the parent/guardian and an authorized health care provider. An authorized healthcare provider is an individual who is licensed by the State of California to prescribe medication. Medications, both prescription and over the counter, may be given at school ONLY if an authorized health care provider deems it necessary for administration during school hours.
California Education Code, Section 49423 allows school personnel to assist in carrying out an authorized health care providers written orders. Designated non-medical school personnel may be administering your child’s medication. They will be supervised by the school administration. Medication will be safely stored and locked or refrigerated, if required.
Emergency medicine such as EpiPens or asthma inhalers may be carried by the student, when recommended by an authorized health care provider and parent. Other medicine is not to be carried by the student or kept in their backpacks. Whenever there is a change in medication, dose, time, or route, the parent/guardian and authorized health care provider must complete a new form. Requests are valid for a maximum of one year.
1. A written statement or completed school form signed by the licensed authorized  
   health care provider/dentist specifying the reason for the medication, the name,
   dosage, time, route, side effect; and specific instructions for emergency treatment
   must be on file at school
2. A signed request from the parent/guardian must be on file at school.
3. Medication must be delivered to the school by the parent/guardian or other 
   responsible adult.
4. Medication must be in your child’s original, labeled pharmacy container written in
5. All liquid medication must be accompanied by an appropriate measuring device.
6. Any tablets requiring partial doses (1/2 or ¼) must be sent to school already cut.
7. A separate form is required for each medication
The Request for the Administration of Medication form can be found under the Adminssions section of the website in Health Requirements or can be picked up in school office.