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Altar Serving


A message from Fr. Tony Park:

First of all, THANK YOU! Thank you for your willingness to serve God and His church through this ministry. The liturgies depend on you to run smoothly and to help lead the congregation in prayer. Fr. Brendan and I have already noticed a change for the better. This is turning out to be a slower process than I had hoped so please be patient as changes are being made.

Secondly, a lot of parents have been asking about additional training sessions so here is the information:

Friday, November 30th from 3:30pm to 5:00pm. This session is for returning servers only. If you were unable to attend one of the sessions offered in September, you must attend this one. If you are receiving this email and have not yet attended a training session, you will not be scheduled on the December/January schedule. After attending this session, you will be put back into the rotation for the February/March schedule. After the training, you are welcome to be scheduled as a substitute and to check before Mass to see if we need more servers.

Saturday, December 8th from 9:00am to 12:00pm. This session will be following the 8:15am Mass. This day is also a Holy Day of Obligation so come to the 8:15am Mass and then stay for the training after. This session will be for ALL new servers. If you've already attended a training session, you're still welcome to come to this one. I have scheduled this one for three hours so that we can all take turns walking through the Mass. It may not go all the way to 12 noon but I will be available until then to help the new servers learn and get comfortable with the movements.

New servers who have attended a training session in September will be put on the December/January schedule. I have asked Mrs. Progar to schedule new servers with experienced servers so they can help each other out. Experienced servers, please remember when you first started serving and be patient with our new servers as they look to you for guidance. New servers who have not attended a training session but will attend the December 8th training will be scheduled starting with the February/March schedule. That seems like a long ways away but please understand that scheduling is not easy and takes a lot of work. Mrs. Progar does her best to be fair and accommodate your Mass preferences.   If you feel comfortable, you're welcome to check before Mass to see if there are enough servers and fill in as needed.

For those of you who have attended a training session already, you know that I have a lot planned for the future of this ministry. One of the most helpful tools that I'm working on is a booklet with various information: liturgical terms & definitions, expectations, guidelines for serving, pictures to help with serving, etc. Also in the booklet will be an updated dress code. Many servers & parents had issues and questions regarding the dress code so until I send out this booklet, let's stick with this general dress code: hair neatly combed or pulled back in a ponytail; tops of solid color with no bold patterns or writing; no shorts or jeans, long pants, dresses/skirts ok; dark dress shoes preferred, no open toe or strappy shoes for girls, shoes of subtle colors and patterns are acceptable.  

At this time, I am not planning to schedule additional training sessions so please try to attend these if you haven't already attended one. If there is a large need for additional training, we will schedule another (but I'm really trying to complete the training with these last two dates).

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns at