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Homework Club

Homework Club



What is Homework Club?

  • Homework Club is an additional hour of structured learning time designed to allow learners to complete homework, ask academic related questions, study for a test, or catch up on reading.
  • This is a parent fee based program. Monthly payments of $135 will be from FACTS.
  • Learners can still benefit from the dedicated hour at school under a teacher’s supervision.
  • Since learners are already in “school-mode”, it’s nice to have them work one more hour to finish up assignments.


Who is allowed to attend Homework Club?

  • Learners in grades 1-8 are invited to attend Homework Club.
  • We will have one group of grades 1-4 learners and another group of grades 5-8 learners.
  • Enrollment will be based on a first-to sign up-first-serve approach.
  • Homework Club ratio will be no more than 10 learners to one teacher.
  • In order for a class to form, a minimum of 6 learners are required.
  • Classes will be set up to accommodate learners in grades 1-8. If there is a need to have classes for individual grades levels due to high enrollment, we will adjust the classes.


When is Homework Club?

  • Homework Club will begin the week of October 3rdthrough the May 25th.
  • Classes will take place Monday through Thursday when school is in session with the exception of minimum days such as teacher/parent conferences or holidays.
  • Homework Club times for grades 1-4 are 2:50-3:50.
  • Homework Club times for grades 5-8 are 3:05-4:05.


What are the expectations of Homework Club?

  • Learners are to report to their Homework Club classroom as soon as they are dismissed from their regular classroom. (Homework Club classroom and teacher will be assigned after sign-up.)
  • Homework Club is a quiet study time. The Homework Club teacher will answer questions and make suggestions for effective study. Parents will be notified if the learning environment is compromised due to behavioral concerns.


How do I sign my child up for Homework Club?

Please fill-out the attached Homework Club Participation Agreement and submit it to Mrs. Nicole Lanfranco either electronically to or to the front office.