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Reading Support

Reading Support
The reading support program services learners in grades Kindergarten-4 and is taught by a credentialed teacher Monday-Thursday. Learners qualify into the program based on teacher recommendation. Teachers will take multiple forms of observation into account when making this decision such as testing and class performance. Reading support is a fluid group which means that learners may enter and exit the program as needed.
Two types of reading support are offered. For regular maintenance and to ensure all learners are progressing towards academic standards, a push-in style of support is implemented. Push-in support is designed to have the Learning Support teacher go into the regular classroom setting and help all learners as needed. For a more small group approach which focuses on specific concepts, a pull-out support may be needed. Pull-out support is designed to assist learners who may need a more focused, skill based learning environment for a short amount of time.
 The goal of the reading support class is to revisit and reinforce basic essential reading skills by:
  • Utilizing research-based programs and methods to increase reading skills
  • Providing skill-based instruction adapted to each individual
  • Incorporating positive reinforcement and celebration of individual academic success
  • Providing further academic assessments to target academic weakness
  • Constantly conducting progress monitoring to ensure student academic growth
  • Adjusting intervention to show growth based on progress monitoring results
For more information, please email Nicole Lanfranco, Learning Support Director at