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Fast ForWord

Fast ForWord at The Parish School

What is Fast ForWord?

It is a series of computer-delivered brain fitness exercises designed to produce dramatic language and reading improvements in a variety of student populations by improving memory, attention and processing skills for students in grades K-12. The Fast ForWord products support existing curriculum—they don't replace it. When students process more efficiently, every other instructional strategy works better. The results in schools throughout the country are dramatic; students can achieve a one- to two-year gain in reading skills in 8-12 weeks!

How much does it cost?

Fast ForWord is a 12-month subscription based service paid for by parents. It will cost $280 per child for 12-months.

Who could benefit by using Fast ForWord?

Theoretically, all students can benefit from using Fast ForWord. No matter where your child is on the learning curve, all students have the ability to make progress. Students who require additional reading support will most likely be the students to make greater progress in a short amount of time. Also, students with ADHD or Dyslexia have shown to make huge growth.

Where would my child use Fast ForWord?

Since Fast ForWord is web-based, your child can utilize it on any computer that has an Internet connection. The more exposure each student receives the faster he or she will make progress. Fast ForWord is also iPad compatible.

Is this replacing small group reading group instruction?

No. As with all learning programs, this is yet another tool to assist in making progress towards reading goals. For students in the reading group, they will still continue to utilize small group, research-based, targeted instruction to fill in any learning gaps.

What do other schools say about Fast ForWord?

Mater Dei High School and Santa Margarita Catholic High School have been utilizing Fast ForWord and they absolutely love it! They have seen wonderful results with their students.

What changes might you see after your child starts working on Fast ForWord products?

  • Increased self-esteem
  • A new excitement towards learning
  • Better listening and communication skills
  • Improved ability to follow directions
  • Improved reading abilities
  • Better academic performance

How do I sign my child up?

Below is a permission slip. Please fill out the permission slip, attach a check for $280 made out to The Parish School.

Want to learn more?


If you have any questions about the program, please contact Nicole Lanfranco, Assistant Vice Principal, at