Parish Verification - Catholic Tuition Rate

The Catholic rate of tuition is offered as a benefit to those families who are considered active Catholics. We strongly encourage families wanting to nurture their own faith as well as impress upon their children the importance of faith, to attend Mass regularly and contribute to the life of their parish through the sacrifice of time, talent, and treasure.  The Parish Verification form has been instituted to ensure that we are being careful stewards of the gifts coming from our parish.   A similar form is used at many of our Catholic high schools and other parish schools within this Diocese. 

In order to receive the discounted Catholic tuition rate for the 2021-2022 school year, there are three requirements that must be met:

  1. Be verifiably registered at a local Catholic parish
  2. The student must have a Catholic baptismal certificate or be enrolled in a faith formation program to become baptized and
  3. Be active members in a Catholic parish through
    • Verifiable donations to your registered parish and/or
    • Ministerial service 
Please fill out the top portion of the form and submit to your registered parish office for verification. Please only submit the form to the parish you are registered. If you are registered at a parish other than St. Edward, you must submit the verification form to that parish. It is at the discretion of the registered parish to sign off on the submitted form.
If you are not already registered at a Catholic Church and would like to register at St. Edward, please visit the church website at or stop by the church office. Please be aware, attending the school does not automatically register you with the Church.